Golf Swing Basics – The Simple Golf Swing

The Simple Golf Swing

I don’t think anyone in the world has a perfect golf swing all the time, but what we can strive for is a repeatable swing that works most of the time and especially under pressure.

What is the cheapest and fastest way to achieve a better golf swing and better scores?

The Simple Golf Swing System by David Nevogt

This system consists of an ebook and instruction videos which guide you through the simple swing system. This system is surprisingly affordable and will cost you less than one game of golf at a resort course.

Golf Swing Tips

What is the Simple Golf Swing?

  • The SetupGolf Swing Videos
  • The Mechanics
  • The Grip
  • Alignment
  • Timing
  • Backswing
  • Downswing
  • The Finish

The accompanying videos walk your through the facets of the simple swing.


The Simple Golf Swing System can help you:

  • hit the ball straighter and further
  • hit more greens and get the ball closer to the pin
  • get rid of that nasty slice
  • gain a whole new enjoyment and appreciation for golf
  • step up to the ball with absolute confidence

David is giving away the first chapter for free so you can check out the system, to get the free chapter click here. I highly recommend you check it out, even if you don’t get the whole system the first chapter will help your game and cost you nothing.

No matter what level of player you are developing the simple and repeatable golf swing will add enjoyment to your game, better scores, and build confidence in your game.


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